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Makes zombie games fun again!

I can see this game becoming a favorite on Newgrounds.
The graphics might be lacking but the amount of upgrades and different ways to play this game more than makes up for it. This game really sets the bar for zombie flash survival (along with last stand)

One of the best games i've played on newgrounds

Wow this game is amazing, the graphics and gameplay has just about beaten every other puzzle platforming flash game on this site.

Only improvement I could imagine to add into a sequel (if there is one, please let there be one) is the including of multiplayer where each character could be controlled by someone.


Nice game

Awesome job I really enjoyed playing this and can't wait for the sequel


It's like castle crashers but free..... dammit why did I buy Castle crashers!

Good and unique

The graphics are good as well as the gameplay which is smooth and the game's difficulty is just right for those who just want to kill 30+ minutes.

My only issue is with the music...... I know that it sets the scene but it could at least have multiple tracks because the sounds soon became repetitive and I found myself hitting the mute button.

good flash overall 8.5/10

Awesome game!

I love this game.

I always enjoy games in which you're free to make a lot of decisions and this one is one of the better examples of such games.

The music of the game is not at all annoying and unlike many games on Newgrounds I did not find myself hitting the mute button.

I can't wait for the next Labscape and if you do make one may I suggest that you allow the character to pick up the objects that we have created (e.g. small squares) I believe that this would allow a lot more possibilities for the game. Portals wouldn't be too bad either;)


Addictive fun

Awesome game, the music is not at all annoying and the gameplay makes you want to keep on playing.

It's this kind of fun that makes people play flash games good job:)

Dude not cool.....

i like the idea of time travel but this..... is not how time travel should be....... it's confusing and the animations were so bad I thought I had accidentally toggled my graphicson low only to find it on high.... so next time I suggest focusing more on the graphics and gameplay and if need be forget the story line because if this is an example of a story driven game then I would rather suggest you create a senseless brawler

Amazing game!

I love the level designs and how the game plays.
I really can't imagine where flash games would be without people like you


This could be the flash game equivalent to Portal 2


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